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  • Joe Brown
  • Jools Holland on piano
  • Sam Brown

Look Who's On The Album!


  • Herbie Flowers

Herbie Flowers

I first met Herbie almost forty years ago while at Abbey Road Studios, he was there often, playing on many different recording sessions, he must have worked with just about everyone.

He greeted me warmly when I arrived at the studio and said I looked just the same, what a gentleman!

We were treated to musical delights from Herbie not just on the double and electric bass but also that's him playing the tuba on 'I'm Tickled Pink'.

To me the combination of Herbie, Richard and Paul on Autumn Leaves is absolute perfection, it's mellow and warm and such a lovely sound.




  • Richard Durrant

Richard Durrant

I could honestly sit for hours listening and watching Richard play guitar, it's truly exquisite.

I particularly liked what he did on Amour Defendu, which I believe was originally written as a classical guitar piece.

At the time of our recordings Richard had his foot in plaster as he had broken it... ice skating!

I'm looking forward to going to one of his concerts and hearing a lot more of his repertoire.

What a lovely man.



  • Pete Brown

Pete Brown

Pete has so much talent it's limitless, I'm not sure if an instrument exists that he can't play!

I wish I had been there when he did his guitar solo on "It's All Over", I'm really sorry I missed it. I love the chorus of mandolins on Amour Defendu.

He exudes a wonderful infectious enthusiasm, no room can be dull with his presence in it.

Pete mixed the album and did a fantastic job.



  • Sam Brown

Sam Brown

Whenever I'm asked "who was the producer on the album?" and I say "Sam Brown", I get the same response, "what THE Sam Brown?", Yes!

We all know her for being an outstanding singer, but as producer Sam was in her element, totally focussed, she got all the musicians on her side and continuously offered ideas and encouragement to all.

She is also a brillant songwriter and her and Bill Livseys' song "Walk Right Back" was a fabulous song to sing, and I had such fun recording it.

I love all the beautiful harmonies which Sam arranged for 'Slipping Through My Fingers', making it possibly my favourite track.

I'm hoping Sam will also write some new songs for my next album. Yep, I'm afraid there's no stopping me now!



  • Steve Balsamo

Steve Balsamo

The first time I saw Steve he was playing at a charity event with Deep Purple's Jon Lord.

I instantly liked his voice and asked Sam if she thought he might agree to come and sing on "Your Long Journey" with me, he did and I think the result is melodic and delicate.

His voice is very warm and I was so thrilled, whilst he was there he also sang some harmonies on "It's All Over" and "I'll Fly Away".

He is extremely charming... and very handsome too!



  • Paul Beavis

Paul Beavis

Paul seemed to come and go like a cat in the night, he slipped away before we could capture him and keep him.

I don't know about you, but I don't think you can ever replace a real drummer, no machine will ever do the job as well.

As I mentioned earlier his playing on Autumn leaves is just perfect, the tempo, the feel, the whole atmosphere just heavenly.

Thank you Paul.



  • Dave Arch

Dave Arch

I have to confess I was slightly intimidated when I stood there by the piano and ran through the song with Dave.

He played it so beautifully and I was so nervous that I wasn't sure if any sound was going to come out of my mouth, fortunately it did!

Stardust is a big song and I felt like a small child wondering if I was grown up enough to sing it, I was so lucky to have him playing that day.



  • Julian Stringle

Julian Stringle

Julian Stringle, isn't that a great name!

He arrived at Angel, said hello to everyone, took his clarinet out of its case and just stood there and played, just great.

Playing completely free style he simply took the music wherever it wanted to go, wandering and meandering here and there like a bird in flight.

A really nice experience to watch and meet him, I'm hoping to catch him playing at one of the many jazz clubs he performs at.


  • Joe Brown

Joe Brown

When Joe enters a room he has a real presence, he's tall and strong and seems to have boundless energy. You can really feel how Joe loves music, it's in his veins.

It was wonderful to meet him and watch yet another fantastic, inspiring musician. He picked up his banjo and started playing, just taking it wherever he wanted the music to go.

It was the first time I have been that close to someone playing the banjo, it's quite a powerful instrument actually and much louder than I would have imagined.

It was such a treat for me to be there and the music he made sent tingles up my spine. I just love his laugh at the end of "I'll Fly Away".



  • Jools Holland

Jools Holland

Wow what an honour to have him playing on "Tickled Pink".

We started the day by having breakfast at a local café, Jools ordered 'beans-on-toast' but 'beans-BY-toast arrived, this intrigued Jools and I think he and Sam were tempted to write a song in its honour!

On to his studio and down to business. He listened to "Walk Right Back", (Sam and Billy's song), a couple of times, just to get the feel of it and then we were off.

He walked over to his piano and hit them keys, utterly magical, notes flew off the piano like you can't believe, it was fantastic. His solo in the middle of the song just takes off and gives it such energy.

A real treat.



  • Robin Evans

Robin Evans

I enjoyed working with Robin very much, he was always pleasant and always positive, he made it easy for me and continuously offered encouragement.

He has a collection of interesting jumpers and we would often find him lying on the grass re-aligning his back, at least that's what he said he was doing!

I think he did a great job.



  • Vikki Evans

Vicki Rose Evans

It was a lot of fun the day that Vicki came and played the didgeridoo, I'd never heard one played live before, so it was quite interesting.

It's actually a very nice sound and there's a nice little video on the facebook page of our website where Vicki is giving a demonstration and she and Robin (Vicki's dad) are messing about.

Have a look, it's sweet.





  • Richard Watkins

Richard Watkins

The very distinctive sound of the French Horn on "Londons Not Too Far" is played by Richard.

He came in, sat down, played, one-take, job done.

What a professional, now that's impressive!



  • Nick Ingman

Nick Ingman

Nick writes the most beautiful arrangements and it was such a great experience watching him with the orchestra on "London's Not Too Far", it all seemed to be very slick and classy.

I look forward to hopefully working with him again soon.



  • Aitch McRobbie, Margo Buchanan, Claudia Fontain

Aitch McRobbie, Margo Buchanan, Claudia Fontaine, Mike Nichols & John Holthorp

I so enjoyed watching Aitch, Margo & Claudia singing on "Walk Right Back", we were at AIR Studios that day and they really were on form. It's truly impressive how they deliver such beautiful vocals every time.

Unfortunately I've yet to meet John as I wasn't there when he did his recording, I love his harmonies on "Slipping Through My Fingers".

Complicated vocals on "Way Back Home", thank you Mike for helping sort that one out!


And finally, I'd just like to say....

It was inspiring to watch, work with, listen to and meet all the multi-talented people that contributed to the making of "Tickled Pink".

I consider myself very fortunate to have had this opportunity.

Thank you.

Sandy x





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